CPI is starting a complementary activity of toll manufacturing. This activity is aimed at customers for which the production volume does not justify the investment in a plasma station. Toll manufacturing is also offered to our customers during the commissioning period of their plasma station.

CPI toll manufacturing focuses on high performance atmospheric plasma treatment for high performance materials. CPI is able to treat most flexible substrates: films, fabric (woven or not), conductive and insulating.

With more than 15 years of experience in atmospheric plasma treatment CPI is your ideal partner for high performance treatment of your products.

At CPI, we know that every material and application are unique. This is why CPI team of chemists, engineers and physicists specifically adapt the treatment process parameters for each customer and material–application combination ensuring the most effective treatment every time.

CPI offers two kinds of atmospheric plasma treatment:

  • Cleaning
  • Grafting

Those treatments are used to remove surface contamination, increase surface energy for applications such as bonding, printing etc.

The highly efficient CPI technology allows us to treat even the most difficult or delicate materials such as PTFE, PLA, PEEK, ...

Our high-performance treatments allow to reach stable high surface energy on a wide range of materials. In most cases shelf life of several months are obtained, in some cases it reaches more than 2 years. Figure 1 compares the treatment performance of CPI’s atmospheric plasma process with standard corona treatment on BOPP film.

Figure 1: Evolution of the surface energy of BOPP film after CPI's plasma or classical corona treatment

Our treatments are particularly adapted when corona treatment is not suitable. Indeed, several materials cannot be treated by corona treatment either because they are too sensitive or too inert.

Our current customers are active in a wide range of sectors: aeronautical, aerospace, automobile, labels, printing, packaging, consumer goods...


  • 6 atmospheric plasma stations
  • web width from 200 to 2000 mm
  • web speed up to 800 m/min

Quality control

  • Calibrated inks (surface energy)
  • Contact angle (wettability & surface energy)
  • Peel force measurements
  • CPI has access to advanced surface characterization techniques (XPS, ToF SIMS, AFM, FTIR...)