CPI Solutions





As a solution provider, CPI offers complete service for industrial atmospheric plasma integration. From R&D to the installation of our turnkey production system in your facility we will assist you at every step of the process:

  • demonstrating treatment capabilities,
  • defining specific treatment recipes,
  • designing and constructing the complete system,
  • training and after-sales services

With a large panel of plasma stations in our facilities, we can easily demonstrate the advantage of plasma treatment for your product.

CPI has a team comprising specialists in all areas of importance for industrial plasma treatment:

  • Chemists: for all aspects of materials analysis and plasma chemistry
  • Mechanical engineers: for machine development and optimization
  • Physicists: for all aspects of plasma technology and materials analysis

CPI is working in close collaboration with Spoolex under the same management. Spoolex is specialized in the production of converting equipment for web formed products and has more than 60 years of experience in this matter.

The multidisciplinary approach of CPI and its close collaboration with Spoolex allows CPI to offer complete turnkey solutions to industrial customers. The plasma station, the plasma recipe (chemistry), winding/unwinding equipment, automation etc. will be supplied by CPI.

CPI is one of the few companies to offer complete solutions for atmospheric plasma integration. Our end-to-end solutions completely eliminate the risks for our customers of multiple sourcing, thus greatly enhancing the efficiency of the integration process.

Roll-to-roll atmospheric pressure plasma
Vacuum plasma demonstrator

A wide range of surface treatments

  • Surface functionalization and chemical activation.
  • Durable surface energy modification, wettability, adhesion, release, antifouling, bio-compatibility.
  • Friction coefficient adjustment, gliding effect.
  • Barrier layers, antifog, hard coatings.

On all types of 2D and 3D substrates

  • Atmospheric plasma : polymers, fabrics, nonwoven, metals, glasses, ceramics, bio-materials, implants, etc.
  • Vacuum plasma : films, 3D complex shapes, powders, fibers, membranes.

Technological means at the service of your competitiveness

  • An experienced team with qualified engineers.
  • A wide range of plasma reactors at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum.
  • Development of new plasma treatment processes.
  • CPI standard tools for surface analysis and control: contact angle and surface energy measurements, O2 and H2O permeation tests, adhesion/release tests.
  • Partnership with Biophy Research for advanced surface analyses : XPS, AFM, ToF-SIMS, TEM, SEM, FTIR.
BOPP surface film before and after atmospheric pressure plasma deposition of silica coating
Chemical mapping of fluor distribution on fabrics be- fore and after plasma fluorination
Surface energy ink test on BOPP before (left) and after (right) plasma treatment